Simple Pricing Plans

Listing Entry

$ 125 Per Deal
  • Listing Input
  • Photo Upload
  • True taxes Added

Contract to Close

$ 400 Per Deal
  • Complete management
  • All paperwork handled
  • Communication with all parties
The Zinnia Process
Listing Entry
Upon receiving the appropriate listing paperwork, we will input your listing to the best of our ability into the MLS. All attachments will be uploaded to the MLS as well. Any photos received will be uploaded and arranged in the correct order. The true taxes of each property will be researched and added to the listing. Before flipping the listing live, the agent will review and complete any outstanding items.
Contract to Close
We handle your paperwork, the follow ups AND we consistently make sure deals close on time. From the point of a fully executed contract, we take over from there. We make sure attorney approvals are received, the mortgage loan process has been started, appraisal has been ordered, and everything in between! There are a lot of odds and ends to each deal and we know each one can be different. Having someone that knows the process makes all the difference. Contact us today for more information!
Our Purpose At Zinnia TC

To help you leverage your time and grow your business. Simply put, we’re here for you!